Security Breach

The Register Hacked (DNS Hijacked)

I can’t believe it.

I would never have thought that one of my favourite tech news sites could ever be hacked. Yet a few minutes ago I captured the following screenshot when browsing.

Come on guys, what is going on?

The Register Hacked

The Register Hacked

*Updated – 10:00pm 4th September 2011

After further investigation, it seems that The Register’s website was not hacked as such, but rather the DNS for that domain has been hijacked.

The bad A record IP appears to be instead of which is a rackspace server where the register is hosted.

If you go to and do a nameserver lookup you’ll see the register has the following nameservers now: 86129 IN NS 86129 IN NS 86129 IN NS 86129 IN NS

Which isn’t right.

It should probably look something like: nameserver = nameserver = nameserver = nameserver = nameserver = nameserver =

*Updated – 11:00pm 4th September 2011

It appears that has also been hacked. Hacked Hacked

*update again… Sites that have also been defaced include defaced defaced defaced defaced defaced defaced

*Updated – 7:15am 5th September 2011

The Guardian have interviewed the Turkish hackers that instigated the attack on the various high-profile websites.

*Updated – 8:10am 5th September 2011

The Register have now posted an article explaining a little about what happened.