Month: November 2009

Apple voids warranties over cigarette smoke

Earlier today The Register ran an article about Apple voiding warranties over people who smoke.

Way back in the mists of time, I used to fix the odd home user’s pc. I have seen first hand the mess that cigarette smoke makes to the insides of a computer so I can understand why Apple would consider this.

Obviously it will upset the pro smoking lobby, but it is probably for the best.

Just imagine how much money Apple will save on warranty repairs. I looked at statistics (2007) from Cancer Research and found that in the uk approximately 22% on the population smoke. Then take into account the rest of the world. That is a lot of money saved through warranty repairs. I wonder if that saving will be passed on to consumers? The other question i have is if this works, will other hardware vendors follow suit?

If Apple wants to do this, fine, but they do need to make it clear in the terms and conditions. Whatever the case it will probably be challenged in court.

Only time will tell what happens.


Subversion Submitted to Become a Project at The Apache Software Foundation

Today I have discovered that the version control system, Subversion, has submitted a request to become one of the Apache¬†Software Foundation’s ¬†Top-Level Projects.

For further information you can read the press release for yourself.