Month: October 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 Released

Another 6 months have passed and now another iteration of Ubuntu has been released. There have been a great number of changes. Apart from the usual array of package upgrades there are a number of key features in this latest release.

What’s New

  • The Ubuntu Font – In Ubuntu 10.04 all the artwork received a makeover. Most of the logos were created with a new typeface. In 10.10 this typeface has been made available to everybody. For more information on the Ubuntu Font take a look here.
  • Music Streaming to your phone – The Ubuntu One Music Store has been improved and now includes some new features. You can now stream music from your Ubuntu One file store direct to you iPhone or Android phone.
  • Ubuntu One on Windows – Another new feature that is coming soon is the ability to sync files with your Windows pc’s as well as your Ubuntu pc’s. This is a feature that brings Ubuntu One closer to the functionality of Dropbox.
  • Sound Indicator – The sound indicator has been improved and now includes music player controls. This means that you no-longer have t switch back to Rhythmbox to Play, Pause, skip tracks or adjust the volume. The menu even includes an image of the album cover.
  • Software Centre – The Ubuntu Software Centre has also been improved. Now there includes an additional menu that enables you to purchase non-free software. There is not much there at the moment, but I fully expect to see this market place grow.

For more information take a look at the new features pages on the Ubuntu Website.