Delete Shortcuts from All Users profile directory

This script was written to delete a list of shortcuts from the “All Users” profile directory on windows.

'This script will delete a list of windows shortcuts that are in
'the "All Users" profile directory on Windows.
'Written by Chris Woollard (2009)

Dim objFSO, objWSH
Dim strAllUsersProfile, strAllUsersFolder
Dim strFileList, strFilesToDeleteArray,strFileToDelete

'On Error Resume Next    ' this is set because the file(s) may be locked.
strFileList		 = "Citrix XenApp.lnk,Blackberry Manager.lnk"
strFilesToDeleteArray    = split(strFileList,",")

'Declare objects
Set objFSO    = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set objWSH    = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

' Get the "All Users" profile folder path then determine parent folder.
strAllUsersFolder    = objWSH.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%ALLUSERSPROFILE%")

'Look through each user profile folder to determine which file to delete.
For Each strFileToDelete in strFilesToDeleteArray
	if objFSO.FileExists(strAllUsersFolder & _
		"\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\" & strFileToDelete) THEN
	objFSO.DeleteFile(strAllUsersFolder & _
		"\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\" & strFileToDelete),TRUE
	End If

' Clean up
set objFSO = Nothing
set objWSH = Nothing

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